No luck with dieting? Are you frustrated by a lack of results?

You’ve probably already tried several different diets, lifestyle changes, even other formal weight loss programs. Few of these options help you achieve your desired weight. False promises and failed attempts lead you down a road of frustration and despair. Further, these diets may offer ill-advised or even dangerous shortcuts to a slimmer figure, with short-lived results. This is not our philosophy.

We believe that weight loss represents an opportunity to change your health, and your life, for the better. We offer a comprehensive approach, with options for each individual. You’ll spend most of your time working with our certified, experienced medical providers and staff, as opposed to falling victim to the latest fad diet.

It’s a Comprehensive Approach

If other weight loss programs have proven unsuccessful and you still need help losing weight, you’ve come to the right place. Our specially trained providers look carefully for underlying medical causes of your weight gain and weight retention. Often, your weight problems are rooted in causes beyond your control—be it a weight retaining medication, an underlying medical condition, or uninformed food choices. We educate our patients and work closely with you in a clinical setting to maximize your weight loss.

How Physician-Supervised Weight Loss is Different

At Oregon Medical Weight Loss, we individualize your weight loss to fit you personally. At our clinic, we understand that obesity is a chronic medical condition which requires a lifelong approach. Often, there are undiagnosed health problems that cause people to gain weight and then make it hard to lose. We can address these underlying medical issues and help you to succeed—especially if other programs have only resulted in short-term benefits. You deserve a professional “second opinion!”

A weight loss program
for long-term weight control
requires a comprehensive
individualized approach.

Using the latest evidence-based medicine and technology, our board-certified and specially trained providers are able to calculate your body composition, determine your daily calorie needs and provide you with a customized, holistic plan. Our specially trained providers are able to discover and unveil health issues that have not been found before, and treat them accordingly. With medical supervision you are able to test an abundance of weight loss options and find what truly works for your body and your life. We’ll team up with you to find solutions that are both successful and sustainable, because the best diet is the one that you can stick with! Weekly Lifestyle Classes and Gym Sessions offer additional education, healthy activity and a community of support. Join our multifaceted medical program and gain the knowledge that will empower you to succeed. Weight lost is health reclaimed!

Your First Steps with OMWL

The first step to joining our program is the initial orientation. This visit is with one of our Patient Care Coordinators to familiarize you with our weight loss tools and to complete initial preparation, including background paperwork, Body Composition Analysis, and plenty of time to ask any questions you may have. If the program is a good fit, you may register and begin seeing our weight loss specialists. Included is a month of gym classes, one acupressure seed treatment, a program guidelines session with our registered dietician, and the 5 page BCA. Costs vary depending on the weight loss tools chosen, the desired goal, the medical diagnoses, and insurance coverage. We’ll work together to determine your individual program costs and set a financial plan for success.

Considering Surgical Options?

There are a variety of weight loss surgeries available, with the Roux-en –Y bypass being the most common. Patients generally lose about half of their excess body weight in the first year after restrictive procedures, such as this surgery and lose a total of two-thirds of their excess weight within 2 years. While gastric bypass surgery is the gold standard of weight loss surgeries, it’s not without risk.Surgery for weight loss is a huge undertaking. You might compare gastric bypass to a full-home plumbing renovation – not something to trifle with. Usually, the surgeries involve limiting the size of your stomach with bands, staples, or by cutting parts out. The goal is to limit the amount of food you can eat, and the amount of fat and calories the body can absorb.

Unfortunately, the surgeries dramatically affect the way the human body absorbs nutrients. The patient must eat a very limited, specialty diet for the rest of their life. Further, the patient must have frequent medical check-ups, blood work, and other laboratory testing to carefully monitor vitamin and nutrient levels post-procedure.

The risks of such a procedure include:

  • excessive bleeding
  • infection
  • adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • blood clots
  • lung or breathing problems
  • leaks in your gastrointestinal system
Long-term risks can include:
  • bowel obstruction
  • Dumping Syndrome, causing diarrhea, nausea or vomiting
  • gallstones
  • hernias
  • low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • malnutrition
  • stomach perforation
  • ulcers
  • vomiting
  • Death (rare)

Weight loss surgery isn’t always successful. If patients do not follow the strict lifestyle changes required to make the procedure effective, all of their investment can go to waste. The strict diet and foods-to-avoid aren’t temporary, they’re for life. And while rare, complications in surgery can lead to serious health problems, even death. Weight regain after an expensive, life-altering procedure can be extremely frustrating and defeating. Finally, with compromised nutrition, some patients must take 2x the vitamins – for 2x the cost.If you’re considering such a serious procedure, we invite you to first give medically-supervised weight loss a try. You’ll be subject to less expense, less dramatic lifestyle change, and less risk. The weight you can lose via our program usually matches or exceeds that which can be lost via surgical options, for a lot less $$, AND it’s sustainable.

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