Patient Spotlight

Todd_151x193Our spotlight in January is on Todd Iverson who started our program in November 2014. Todd admits to coming in as a skeptic, having tried and failed multiple times to lose weight and, more importantly, keep the weight off.

He was intrigued with the focus on whole foods and learning how to eat rather than dieting and while the weight loss has been slow, not fast, it has been steady and durable. He has now lost 96 pounds and is approaching a weight that he hadn’t seen since he was a cadet in training for law enforcement.

“It’s a holistic approach, starting with drawing labs, learning what is happening chemically and finding a balance in my body – being healthy and well from the inside. Everyone at OMWL is so supportive, they won’t quit if you won’t.”
When Todd started, he discovered that he was close to being an insulin dependent diabetic as well as having “through the roof” high blood pressure. All of his numbers are now within the low to normal range. His 50” waist now measures 34” and being able to buy clothes off the rack, especially the motorcycle gear he used to have to get specially (and expensively) made.

He is confident that the changes he has made to his thinking, behavior, and beliefs about health and wellness will be lifelong. It’s an investment in himself and while it takes work and focus, he is deeply committed to his future health and well-being.

“I’ve worked too hard, know too much, feel too good to go back to bad.”